SCC is a boutique real estate investment firm based in San Diego, CA. Our experience as brokers has shown us the demand for competent asset management. At SCC, when we sell a commercial asset to you, we provide you with the skills and support to maintain and enhance your acquisition.

Professional property management is the main area that commercial property investors often overlook. Larger commercial management firms are typically spread thinly when it comes to optimizing income, minimizing overhead and enhancing your investment portfolio. At SCC we have fused commercial property acquisition with strategic, personalized property management to maximize your portfolio value.

SCC provides management services for multi-family, retail, and commercial markets. We provide a range of advisory services including marketing, transactional support, management and maintenance, and lease services. We work hard to understand the needs, objectives and goals of our clients and collaborate with you to create and implement a customized asset management strategy.

Our staff provides tailored asset management solutions to fit a wide range of real estate properties from single-family residences to apartment complexes to commercial projects. We understand that all properties are as unique as you are, and we are here to provide detail-oriented, customized management that fits your specific needs.

Our clients’ fees are the same or lower than those charged by the larger property management firms because we have cut out the layers of middle and outsourced management. We provide service directly to our clients. Also, at SCC, we are brokers first and foremost. We gain much more enjoyment out of cultivating and marketing quality properties than selling mediocre assets. We actively create the highest value at any time so that when a property owner chooses to trade up to a more valuable property or sell out completely we will be able to assist them. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach – rather, we pride ourselves on customizing our management services to meet your needs and providing unparalleled client satisfaction. At South Coast Commercial, we service no more than 500 active accounts at a given time so that we give our best to you and your assets.

Why hire a property manager?


We handle the placement of all advertising — signs, newspaper ads, website advertising, rental lists, and referrals. The owner is billed for the actual cost of newspaper advertising at low contract rates, and a flat rate is charged for advertising on our website.

Showing & Applications

We receive and process all calls from the advertising. We require a detailed rental application to be completed, then each application is thoroughly evaluated and screened before approving a prospective tenant.


We collect your rents and provide monthly statements. We review the rents at the end of each lease period to assure that your property is receiving its best income potential according to the prevailing market conditions.



Tenant Relations

We maintain a good professional relationship with each tenant. Our goal is satisfied long-term tenants who pay the rent on time and take care of the property.


We have experienced maintenance and repair people available to handle all needs as they arise. These professionals have been chosen because they have proven to be honest and competent, and their services are reasonably priced.


We require ample security deposits corresponding to the monthly rent to secure the tenant’s pledge of full compliance with the terms of the lease. Security deposits are held in an escrow account according to California state statutes.



Our management fee is a small percentage of the gross monthly rent collected, and our leasing fees are reasonable and competitive. When your property is vacant, we are working actively to advertise and secure a suitable tenant, and we are continuing to take care of all the maintenance and repair needs — if any — as they become necessary.


We send you an itemized financial packet each month containing:
1. Income Statement
2. Cash Flow Statement
3. Balance Sheet
4. Rent Roll
5. Detailed Accounts Receivable
6. Expense Distribution
7. Copies of all paid invoices
8. Your distribution check

Always Available

We maintain regular office hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays. All of our property managers have e-mail accounts for communicating with our owners that are checked frequently, and you will be provided with your manager’s mobile number for after hours urgent matters.