Advertising and Marketing.

We handle all advertising – signs, newspaper ads, web postings, rental lists and referrals. When your property is vacant or a 30-day notice to vacate is given by a tenant, we immediately begin to market the vacant unit. We provide detailed information about your property to prospective renters along with the option to fill out a credit application in person or online. We also place signage on the property. Several pictures are taken and posted at our website, www.southcoast-commercial.com, and in other relevant real and virtual locations.

Still, we do maintain office hours from 9am-5pm weekdays. You will be provided with your manager’s mobile number for after-hours urgent matters as well. You can rest assured that we will respond rapidly to any unexpected developments.

Showing Property.

We show your property to prospective tenants so that you don’t have to.

Strict Qualifying Standards.

Careful and meticulous screening of applicants is a top priority. This is the most important job that we do for you. We have set our qualifying standards and stand by them firmly. In order qualify, applicants must complete a detailed rental application demonstrating that they have excellent credit, sufficient verifiable income, and positive rental references or home ownership. We require ample security deposits relative to the monthly rental rate to secure the tenant’s pledge of full compliance with the terms of the lease. Security deposits are held in an escrow account in accordance with California State statute.

Lease Contracts.

Our property lease contracts have been carefully vetted and refined by our in-house legal staff.