We customize our services to your needs. You are welcome to select a comprehensive package or an a la carte selection of the services listed below. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Always Available
All tenants have access to our 24-hour emergency hotline (for maintenance emergencies) and our office lines. We maintain office hours from 9am-5pm weekdays. You will be provided with your manager’s mobile number for after-hours urgent matters as well. You can rest assured that we will respond rapidly to any unexpected developments.

Quality Maintenance
We work with experienced, reliable, trustworthy and reasonably priced contractors and handymen who are available to handle all repair needs as they arise. These professionals have been selected because of their proven honesty and competence. Your tenant can depend on a rapid response time for all necessary repairs. Our 24-hour emergency hotline allows residents to reach our staff at any time to report an emergency, leaving your evenings undisturbed. Our regular inspections also help to keep your maintenance costs down. By keeping you abreast of preventive maintenance needs, we can help eliminate costly repairs while maintaining the value of your property assets.

Tenant Relations
We maintain a solid professional relationship with each tenant. Our goal is to retain satisfied long-term tenants who make payments in a timely manner and take care of your property.

Setting and Collecting Rent
We collect rent from tenants and provide monthly statements. In addition, we review all rental rates at the end of each lease period to determine whether your property is attaining its peak income potential according to prevailing market conditions.
Our collection policies are firm. Our eviction protection program allows you to move forward to swiftly evict a resident should their payments become delinquent.

Monthly Statements
A highly skilled property accountant handles all of our bookkeeping and our computerized accounting software is IRS-compliant. Your statements provide a monthly accounting of your property’s income and expenses. We send you an itemized statement each month showing rental income, management fees, other expenses (if any), and net income to owner.

Management Fees
Our management fee is a small percentage of the gross monthly rent collected and our leasing fees are reasonable and competitive. When your property is vacant, we work actively to advertise and secure a suitable tenant. Meanwhile, we continue to care for all maintenance and repair needs as they arise.